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Pregnancy Essay Examples

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Sex Education

Sex education is a necessity for our youth. A large amount of teens are never educated on what may happen if they decide to have sex. They are not taught the reality of sexually transmitted infections or teenage pregnancy. Could changing this help our children and future generations make the right choices or at least…

Child development

1. Understand the development and learning of babies and young children. 1.1 Explain the pattren of developments in the first three years of life and the skills typically acquired at each stage. Babies and toddlers show amazing progress in all aspects of their development from birth to three years, considering they are born with simple…

Intrapartum care study notes

Pathophysiology, etiology and direct and indirect causes in your own words Pathophysiology: Both mother and baby begin to prepare for birth in the final weeks of pregnancy. The mother is instructed to call the health care provider and come into the birthing unit if any of the following occur. Rupture of membranes, regular, frequent uterine…



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Focus paper: Teenage pregnancy

There are many issues that are arising in the United States. These issues seem to catch media attention but they are publicized so much that teens believe it is all in fun. They don’t understand that doing drugs does not lead to fun partying. Becoming a dealer is not a quick way to cash it’s…

Why women should not have an abortion

How would you feel if someone told you to kill a life or take away someone’s ability to live? I firmly believe that you could hardly do it. Nowadays, however, this situation is taking place everywhere in the world through abortion. Is it good or bad for women to have an abortion? In my point…


Within our care of the patient, we were able to identify several problems that correlated to affecting our client’s ability to carry out the labor and delivery process. We also have identified several risk factors that posed a danger to the client’s prenatal and postpartal state. Based on our analysis, problems such as fatigue related…

Natural Family Planning

To begin this essay I will first explain what Natural Family Planning is and I will then turn to take a look at the essay written by Joseph W. Koterski entitled Theological Reflections on Natural Family Planning. Natural Family Planning ‘is the general title for the scientific, natural and moral methods of family planning that…

Contemporary issues of surrogacy and birthing technologies

An Estimated 10-15 per cent of Australian couples who want to start a family are infertile, similarly same-sex couples are unable to reproduce and this has led to the use of surrogacy and birthing technologies to provide a means to overcome such barriers in having children. The changing views of society along with the corresponding…

Ideology For Motherhood

The following essay is going to discuss why motherhood is difficult to define from an ideology perspective. It will discuss motherhood in general and what surrounds motherhood and why it is difficult to define from an ideology perspective and also explain what ideology means. The essay will also discuss motherhood and how mothers can be…

Story of Gregory

Gregory experiences both external shame and internal shame. Gregory conveys his message by revealing how his life in poverty took a toll on him as a person. He shares many incidents to support his message. The girl that he wants the most does not even notice him. He is invisible to her and not even…

Prenatal care and testing persuasive speech outline

Introduction Attention: I. Attention: Imagine that you or a close loved one of yours is in the hospital about to give birth when suddenly, before you can even set eyes on the little one or hold them, the nurses rush them out of the room and your lives are turned upside down in a matter…

Admitting diagnosis: Egtopic pregnancy

Chief Complain: The patient presents in the emergency this morning, complaining of lower abdominal pain. HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: the patient states that she has been having vaginal bleeding more like spotting over the past month, she denies the chance of pregnancy although she states she is sexually active and using no birth control. Gynecologic…

Teenage Pregnancy

In years past teen pregnancy created problems in several countries. However in the United States among teenagers, teen pregnancy rose, but there was no help from programs like the National Geographic’s channel, and Teen Mom that aired on MTV. Individuals saw a version of what might have been with cameras rolling, however if the cameras…

Child abandoment

Many babies are abandoned by parents who avoid their responsibilities. It could be have really serious problems, but it is irresponsible behavior. In addition, some parents abandon the babies outside. It is cruel behavior. We should not ignore this problem. There are three solutions: controlling illegal abandonment, allowing abortion legally, and educating people to use…

Critical incident in public health

This script is an analysis of a critical incident which occurred during a home visit in one of the suburbs of Cape Coast Metropolis. A brief description of the incident will be given including the interventions that were given and recommendations for future occurrence. I will apply the Gibbs (1988) reflective model to identify strengths…

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