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What is the fountain station responsible for?
Preparing drinks and maintaining the flow of orders to be delivered to Sonic guests.

What are the duties of the fountain station?
Duties involve matching drinks with food orders and organizing the trays so that carhops deliver the right order to the right car.

Why is it important to prepare the orders accurately and quickly?
To meet Sonic’s speed of service delivery time standard of 2 minutes or less for drink only orders.

What are the key terms for the fountain position?
Fountain soft drinks, sonic cherry limeade, and UDM

What is the key term fountain soft drinks?
At sonic, we are famous for our soft drinks, slushes, ice, and huge assortment of great flavors we use to create custom made drinks for our guests.

What are the sizes available for soft drinks?
10 oz – wacky pack
14 oz – small
20 oz – medium
32 oz – large
44 oz – rt 44

What is a sonic cherry limeade?
It is Sonic’s signature drink; a unique blend of Sprite, cherry syrup, fresh limes and a stemmed maraschino cherry.

What is UDM?
Ultimate drink machine

What are the key sonic safe guidelines for the fountain station?
Keep fountain area, equipment and utensils clean and sanitized, all equipment must be in good operating condition
All condiments stored at 34-40 degrees
Condiment backups must be covered and sealed
Avoid cross contamination
Ice scoop stored in clean and sanitized container
Follow lock-out/tag-out procedures

What is the purpose of a lockout?
Is to keep crew members safe from equipment being set in motion or by preventing energy from flowing through the device. Lock out should be performed by a trained authorized crew member (tagger)

What is a tagger?
A crew member who locks and tags equipment in order to service that equipment. This crew member should have complete familiarity with hazards and associated operational characteristics of the equipment to be locked out

When does a tag-out occur?
When it is not possible at attach a lock or lock-out device to the equipment.

What is a tag-out?
It is a written warning, a danger tag that is attached to the equipment. It warns not to turn the power on/off (as the situation warrants)

How do you check product quality when opening?
By taste testing soft drinks without ice before serving to guests.

When preparing lemon and lime wedges what must you use?
Clean and sanitized knife, cutting board, wedge cutter, and wear safety cutting gloves as required.

Why do you keep the ice packed down in the ice bins?
To prevent bridging over the cold plate, (bottom of ice bin)

What items must be available, cleaned and sanitized for the fountain?
Ice scoops, lemon/lime squeezer, wedge cutter and tongs.

Where is the ice scoop stored?
In a clean and sanitized container

What items must be stocked in the fountain station at opening?
Stemmed maraschino cherries
Slush syrups/flavors
All appropriate size cups and lids

What size are lemons and limes cut into?
1/4 inch wedges

At opening, what items are set up in the fountain station for daily operations?
– Brew coffee and prepare iced coffee according to standard procedures
– check BIB products including slush to ensure adequate supply for Rush
– check CO2 levels

At close, what do you do to the UDM machine?
Clean and sanitize, also clean and sanitize slush and soft drink nozzles and replace

What do you do to the tea urn at close?
Disassemble, clean and sanitize tea urn and spigot, allow to air dry. Reassemble spigot on tea urn the following day.

How often is the ice bin cleaned?
Weekly or more frequently as needed

What is the shelf life on cut lemons and limes?
12 hours

How often should you detail clean the slush machine?

When do you add new and old product together?

At close, where do you store left over cherries?
Sealed tightly in walk in unit overnight

What are sonic soft drink products?
Coca Cola Sprite
Diet Coke Sprite Zero
Coca Cola Zero Barq’s root beer
Dr Pepper Diet Dr Pepper
Fanta orange Hi-C fruit punch

What are the brewed teas sonic offers?
Sweet black tea
Unsweet black tea

What are the flavors for tea?

What is an ocean water?
Sprite with blue coconut

What are the juices sonic offers?
Cranberry juice (UDM)
Orange juice (jug)
Apple juice (box)

What kind of coffee does sonic use?
Green mountain coffee

What are the flavors for coffee?
French vanilla
Praline pecan

What kinds of milk does sonic offer?
White milk (jug)
Chocolate milk (jug)

What are the sonic drink and slush flavors?
– cherry – green apple
-diet cherry. – chocolate
– vanilla. – peach
– blue coconut. – raspberry
– Powerade. – cranberry
– orange – mango
– other local favorites
– watermelon – grape

What are the real fruit options offered at sonic?
– lemon
– lime
– strawberry
– pineapple

What are the candy add ins for fountain station?
Rainbo candy
Jolly rancher
Popping candy

How do you dispense syrup using the ultimate drink machines?
add the specific amount of syrup by pressing the appropriate size button on the ultimate drink machine.

What are the slush flavor amounts for soft drinks/slushes?
10 oz wacky pack – 1/4 oz or 1 pump
14 oz small – 1/4 oz or 1 pump
20 oz medium – 1/2 oz or 2 pumps
32 oz large – 3/4 oz or 3 pumps
44 oz route 44 – 1 oz or 4 pumps

What are the chocolate syrup amounts for soft drinks/slushes?
10 oz wacky pack – 1 oz or 1 pump
14 oz small – 1 oz or 1 pump
20 oz medium – 2 oz or 2 pumps
32 oz large – 3 oz or 3 pumps
44 oz rt 44 – 4 oz or 4 pumps

How many lemon/lime wedges are used for drinks? (1/4 wedges)
Wacky pack – 1 wedge
Small – 1 wedge
Medium – 2 wedges
Large – 3 wedges
Rt 44 – 4 wedges

What drinks/slushes get a stemmed maraschino cherry?
All cherry and diet cherry soft drinks and slushes

What kind of cherries does sonic use?
Whole Stemmed maraschino cherry

When should you use a drink carrier?
Upon guest request or when delivering multiple drinks of 2 or more, either to the stall or at the drive-thru.

What are all sonic drinks served with?
All sonic drinks are served with a mint, except wacky pack drinks.

What items are required for Brixing the slush machine?
– Coca Cola slush ratio cup
– syrup separator

What sonic drink is not served with a mint?
Wacky pack drinks

How do you do slush machine brixing?
1. Turn switch from auto to off
2. Raise auto filler and set lock stand lever
3. Install syrup separater
4. Using a 4.5 to 1 ratio cup, draw a sample by pressing the switch from off to manual. Without stopping, fill the cup at least 3/4 full of water.
5. Adjust the ratio as needed

Where do you get the syrup separator you need when brixing the slush machine?
It’s available from Coke smallwares department

What size is the ratio cup used for brixing the slush machines?
4.5 to 1 ratio cup

How do you adjust the ratio for the slush machine?
To Adjust the ratio, turn the syrup separator screw clockwise to increase flow, counter clockwise to decrease flow.

What are the coffee brewing procedures?
1. Select stainless steel brew basket
2. Place filter into stainless steel brew basket, open 1 coffee pouch for 2 cup brew and pour into filter, open 2 coffee pouches for 4 cup brew and pour into filter
3. Slide brew basket into brew basket rails on brewer
4. Move adjustable shelf to the highest level
5. Removing carafe lid, pre heat carafe by dispensing hot water from faucet on side of brewer, swish in circular motion to preheat carafe prior to brewing
6. Place carafe under brew basket
7. If brewing 4 cups press full button and then the brew C button. If brewing 2 cups, press half button and then the brew C button
8- brew times
9. Once brewing is complete place proper lid on carafe. Using dry erase marker, grease pencil or temp tag, mark the proper hold time on one side of carafe.

What brew basket is used to brew coffee?
Stainless steel brew basket

How long does it take to brew coffee?
Brewing will take
2 minutes for half (2 cups)
3 minutes 52 seconds for full (4 cups)

What is the hold time on coffee?
1 hour

If your drive In stores coffee In the gallon server, how many cups of coffee can it hold?
8, 16 oz cups

Using the gallon coffee server, how do you brew the coffee?
Brew using FULL button and BREW C

When brewing coffee for the gallon server, how many punches of coffee do you use?
4 coffee pouches

How many gallons of tea will the tea brewer brew?
3 gallons

What brew basket is used for brewing tea?
Round gray brew basket

How do you brew tea?
1. Select round gray brew basket
2. Place filter pack or filter and loose tea into gray brewer basket
3. Slide brew basket into brew basket rails on brewer
4. Fold shelf up
5. Place correctly labeled tea urn under gray brew basket
6. Press FULL button, press BREW A button
7. Brewing will take approximately 6:50 to compete.
8. Place lid on tea urn. Using dry erase marker, grease pen, or temper tag mark proper hold time

What is the gold time for tea?
4 hours at room temp
24 hours refrigerated. (34-40 degrees)

When making sweet tea, when is the sugar added?
At the completion of brew cycle

How much sugar is added to make sweet tea?
Three 1 pound packages of sugar

What do you do after adding sugar to tea to make sweet tea?
Stir sugar into tea for 15 seconds using slotted long handle spoon

How much coffee is in each coffee pouch?
1.25 oz

How do you make the iced coffee base build?
1. Place filter into black brew basket
2. Open 3 coffee pouches and Pour into filter
3. Slide brew basket into brew basket rails on brewer
4. Place ice (35oz volume) into plastic pitcher up to first fill line
5. Move adjustable shelf to top setting, place pitcher on shelf
6. Press half button, then press brew b button
7. Brewing will take approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds to complete, the level of liquid will be even with the second fill line on plastic pitcher
8. Once brewing is complete, carefully pour 13 oz of 100% real ice cream mix from bag to the third fill line on plastic pitcher. Stir with wire wisk.
9. Place lid on pitcher and mark hold time using grease pencil or temper tag. Place in fountainette

How long is iced coffee good for?
48 hours refrigerated in fountainette

How much ice is used to brew iced coffee?
35 oz volume

How much coffee is used to brew iced coffee?
(3) 1.25 oz pouches

How much 100% real ice cream is used to make iced coffee?
13 oz.

When making iced coffee single cup, how much ice goes into cup?
Fill the requested cup 1/2 full of ice

How full do you fill the cup for iced coffee?
1/4 inch below the rim of the cup

How much syrup goes into the cup for iced coffee?
Small – 1/4 oz or 1 pump
Medium – 1/2 oz or 2 pumps
Large – 3/4 oz or 3 pumps
Route 44 – 1 oz or 4 pumps

What are the sizes iced coffee is offered in?
Small – 14 oz
Medium – 20 oz
Large – 32 oz
Rt 44 – 44 oz

How do you make iced coffee single cup?
1. Using ice scoop, fill the requested cup 1/2 full of ice
2. If requested add appropriate flavored syrup (praline pecan, chocolate or vanilla) using appropriate pump
3. Pour iced coffee from pitcher to 1/4 inch below the rim of the cup
4 place appropriate lid on cup and wipe the exterior of the cup, if necessary, with a clean sanitized towel before delivering to guest.

How does lemonade arrive?

What kind of lemonade does sonic use?

How long should lemonade be tempered?
48 hours under refrigeration

How much does each 1 quart carton of lemonade make?
I gallon of lemonade

How much is each carton of lemonade?
1 carton of lemonade is 1 quart

What is the shelf life on fresh lemonade?
48 hours

What is the ratio of lemonade to water?
3:1, 3 parts water to 1 part lemonade

How to you make 1 gallon of lemonade?
1. Shake 1 quart carton of tempered lemonade vigorously, then open and pour into 2 and 1/2 gallon lemonade bucket.
2. Add 3 quarts of water to lemonade bucket or fill with water until water level reaches the 1 gallon line on the bucket
3. Use wire whisk to stir product thoroughly
4. Carefully pour lemonade into clean sanitized and assembled bubbler Hopper or store in walk in cooler
5. Use a grease pen or temper tag on the hopper lid to mark the hold time.

If only using one side of the bubbler for lemonade, what should you not do?
Do not put the impeller into the empty hopper

What is the shelf life for refrigerated lemonade concentrate?
60 days

How do iced bags come?
They come in 500 per case and in 2 sizes, depending on what your distribution center carries, either an 8 lb. or a 10 lb. bag

When selling bagged ice, what must the drive ins have?
Stickers with the
-approved sonic logo
-sonic street address
-sonic drive in city state and zip code
-sonic drive in phone number

What are the procedures for bagging and selling ice?
1. Using an ice scoop, fill an approved sonic bag all the way to the top with ice
2. Tie off top of bag to close
3. Place drive in safely sticker on bag
4. Wipe off outside of bag, if necessary, with a clean sanitized towel before delivering to guest.

Why must you store and sell bagged ice with a drive in safely sticker?
Storing and selling bagged ice without this information displayed on the bag can result in health code violations depending on your states specific health codes and standards

Describe how to have back up bags of ice
Fill 4 to 5 bags of ice per day in the morning to have adequate supply. Immediately place in walk in freezer

How do you store back up bags of ice?
– Store in walk In freezer at least 6 inches off the floor
– do not place bagged ice on the floor at anytime
– place drive in information sticker on bags with correct information

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