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BSC Essay Examples

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Chapter one

The balanced scorecard was developed by Kaplan and Norton in the 1990’s, according to published reports approximately 50% of fortune 1000 corporations have implemented the BSC system of business management. This discourse will examine the balance scorecard (BSC) business module and its potential fit on Pepsi Saudi Arabia. It will critically analyze the core elements…

The four perspectives at a glance

The BSC uses data to articulate performance management with the primary objective being the implementation of corporate strategy. The BSC methodology primarily employs four perspectives: financial, customer, business process perspectives and learning and growth perspectives. It calculates present performance without ignoring the importance of future performance. (1) FINANCIAL PERSPECTIVE: The BSC recognizes the importance of…

Research objectives

Because of the success of balance scorecard, there are enormous volumes of information on the practice of BSC, but this study will examine the phenomenon of balance scorecard with Saudi Pepsi as the reference agency. The study will review the book (Translating strategy into action) by Kaplan and Norton as well as many relevant literature…



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Balanced scorecard, “definition”

What is scorecard, how can we define scorecard, is it possible to provide a total comprehensive meaning? Scorecard is not a one word definition system, so in order to do justice to the question, what is scorecard, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach to that question. “If you can measure it you can…

Customer perspectives revisited

When a business loses the drive to pursue and retain customers, it loses its soul and therefore the right to exist. No business can function, thrive or prosper without a reliable customer base. In the customer perspective theory BSC makes it clear that it is not only essential to know who the target customers are…

The implementation of balanced scorecard

The two main phases of BSC are the planning phase and the development phase. Because different organizations operate differently, it may not be realistic to expect companies to follow one particular route to the implementation of the system. But Nevin 2003 drew an implementation “map” that could aid any organization as it plows through the…

Advantages of the balance scorecard system

As a non financial measure BSC has significant advantages over the financially focused performance based measurement systems. BSC makes it possible for organizations to develop long term strategies. Because the focus is not only on finances, companies can focus on the business elements the would allow them to create a sustained long term perspective, and…

Pepsi saudi

The Saudi industrial projects company and (SIPCO) and the Saudi fruit juice and beverage industry (SFJBI) emerged as one operating entity in 2002, but prior to that, Pepsi Saudi had operated in the kingdom for many decades. The acquisition amount was not publicized and this writer does not have privilege to that information, however industry…

Implementation of the bsc in pepsi saudi arabia

First the company sort professional business consultation in the area of the balanced scorecard, from the United States. The plan was outlined and principle corporate agents were put in their respective positions in anticipation of the new method. The team began a gradual introduction of the balanced scorecard system by training the employees who would…

Full bsc corporate implementation

The implementation of the balanced scorecard at Pepsi Saudi was constructed on the previously discussed BSC four perspectives. And it followed the designed phases of preparation, designing and implementation. Week 2 Week 8 Week 12/ forward. Team building creation of strategic Improvement of data availability/ accuracy Measures Clarification of Documentation of strategic Construction of BSC…

The BSC tells the technical story of its formulation

It begins from the initiation of the strategy, to the high level business executives who would sponsor the program, to actual scheduling of it, and then to the allocation of resources to it, and finally to actual budget. The BSC has an inbuilt feature to enhance general strategic goals, and competition in the private industries,…

Company specific problems that lead to the failure of the implementation

Internal constraints that lead failure in implementing the BSC system in Tian-an Car Insurance Company were brought out when the following research question was posed: “Why did you stop to use it, is there any disadvantages you can find? ” Following is a raft of company specific difficulties that the company faced during implementation as…

Managers confuse BSC means with the ends

Intel can maximize the success of the balanced scorecard implement by designing and implementing if properly. Cooperation of all managers is crucial to the success of balance scorecard. Leadership within the organization should realize that balanced scorecard is not a project measure rather that it is a program of change. The leaders and managers will…

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