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Biotechnology Essay Examples

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Human Cloning

Introduction: The possibility of human cloning, raised when Scottish scientists at Roslin Institute created the much-celebrated sheep “Dolly”, aroused worldwide interest and concern because of its scientific and ethical implications. The feat, cited by Science magazine as the breakthrough of 1997, also generated uncertainty over the meaning of “cloning” –an umbrella term traditionally used by…

Genentech: After the Acquisition by Roche

Introduction Roche completed the acquisition of Genentech in 2009 for a total of $46.8 Billion dollars. Genentech was initially concerned about funding for early drug discovery with the acquisition taking place. Genentech was previously able to spend money on research and development for new drug discovery and now that Roche is fully in the picture,…

Statement of purpose biotechnology

There was a time when the average awareness of man did not extend beyond the immediate. But over the centuries and especially over the past decade the average intellectual and knowledge levels of people have -undergone an exponential increase. And keeping in with the laws of evolution and survival it has become imperative for every…



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Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights

Modern Biotechnology and its Applications property as well as the scope of rights with respect to those matters. For example, a proprietor of a house has legal rights to possess, use, modify, destroy, transfer, sell, or rent the house. Various laws and regulations may prohibit the homeowner from painting his house in various colours, operating…

Recombinant dna technology

Recombinant DNA technology refers to the ability to isolate specific DNA sequences and alter or manipulate them to produce desired effects. More often, recombinant DNA technology is referred to as biotechnology. Recombinant DNA technology is fascinating in that it has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, and completely revolutionized agriculture and pharmaceutical industries, all within…

The Debate Over Genetically Modified Crops

The weather fit the mood of the day—overcast and gloomy. Sam, a work study student in the plant genetics department at State University, glanced through the hole that had been cut in the side of the greenhouse and then went back to sweeping up the floor. The greenhouse had been broken into overnight. Outside the…

Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets

Organizational Objectives and Total Compensation in Different Markets Total compensation is an important piece of the human resource puzzle. It is the thread that can tie valuable employees to the company and its overall success. The laws and regulations are significant in knowing and understanding in an attempt to apply that knowledge to the overall…

Positive and Negative Advances in Biotechnology

Biotechnology and the research associated with it have become an issue in which people either support, or are against. Technological advances in this day and age have given scientists the ability to do things that were only dreamed about in the past. Research has given them the ability to find cures for diseases, to allow…

World such as that depicted in “Gattaca”

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of living in a world such as that depicted in GATTACA. Secondly, imagine that you live in this world. Describe how you envisage your life, including the good and bad. Include the kinds of issues that people living in this world would have to deal with everyday. The film Gattaca…

Stem Cell Research – Biotechnology

The biotechnology being discussed is STEM CELL THERAPY. Using cells from a young embryo and implanting them in a patient’s body, people can recover diseased or dead cells. Stem cell research has the potential to save millions of lives, but has sparked much controversy and debate around the world. There are many kinds of stem…

Justification for funding researches on Biotechnology and genetic engineering

Biotechnology and genetic engineering are technologies that employ biological materials to generate or construct enhanced products. The technologies are extensively used in the field of agriculture for the generation of new plant hybrids which present commercially important traits such as size and sweetness and remove the commercially risky features including drought- and insecticide-resistance. In the…


Biotechnology is a subfield of biological science linked to research areas such as recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering. As a result biotechnology is applied in a wide range of industries (Chen & Marchioni, 2008). According to the Biotechnology Industry Organization, one fourth of the Biotechnology industry’s financing comes from venture capital and it is…

Kaymito Leaves Decoction as Antiseptic Mouthwash

The term used for manufacturing biotechnology is white biotechnology. This type of biotechnology is used to decrease the costs for producing industrial supplies that occur when traditional processes are used. For example, white biotechnology can expand an organism that is capable to produce a certain useful chemical by natural processes quite than by industrial ways…

Chemistry and Biotechnology

ABSTRACT Elemental analysis of organic compounds determine the elements present in them but they do not give the actual structure or the functional groups present. Since all organic compounds contain hydrogen and carbon, most tests consist of only the determination of oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and halogens – elements that are most of the time the…

Unauthorised individuals

Virtualization is a new development in computer technology whose effects are yet to be felt as its use still is new. Virtual machines have proved to have many advantages resulting to increase in the rate of growth in application, deployment implementation of virtualization in most organization. This attributed to the fact these organizations have ignored…

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