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Biometrics Essay Examples

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Attendance Monitoring System

The main aim of this paper is to develop an accurate, fast and very efficient automatic attendance system using fingerprint verification technique. We propose a system in which fingerprint verification is done by using extraction of minutiae technique and the system that automates the whole process of taking attendance, The study was conducted using a…

Going Mobile: Pros and Cons of Cell Phones

NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology Multan, Pakistan (Federal degree awarding Institute) The project Implementation of Face Recognition based Attendance System presented by: Ramsha Tariq Zaira Ashraf Fatima Masood (2K9-CSE-129) (2K9-CSE-130) (2k9-CSE-153) Under the supervision of their project advisor and approved by the project Examination committee, has been accepted by the NFC Institute of Engineering…

Attendance monitoring using biometrics

Acknowledgement We the proponents would like to thank with all our gratitude to our professor Mr.Romelle Rodrigueza who teaches us and giving his continues support. To our parents who give us money for all the expenses and courage to make things possible. To our friends and classmates who always there for us and share their…



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Biometrics Attendance Monitoring System

Attendance is one of the important factors in many institutions and organization that need to be followed by people. It is highly important for one organization in order to maintain their performance standards. Old conventional methods for employees’ attendance are still used by most of the universities or schools like Cabatacan National School in which…

Biometrics Identification Attendance Monitoring System

Technology plays an important role in our society because of modernization. One that makes the daily activities of organizations more convenient is the use of technology. The internet that is really abundant today for handling information, web-based applications are some example of this and Information Technology (IT) is a big help to many companies. To…

Payroll System

This chapter presents the introduction, background of the study, theoretical framework, conceptual framework, statement of the problem, scope and limitation, significance of the study, and definition of terms of the proposed study. Introduction The emerging technology of today’s generation brought up the advancement of processes in people’s lives. Information technology (I.T.) is a more specific…

Facial Recognition Biometrics

Traditional personal identification and authentication methods always have the danger of being stolen, duplicated or forgotten. Hence, biometrics was introduced as an identification and authentication technology, where physical features would be used for recognizing a person. This technology uses many features for unique identification like fingerprints, face, irises and voice. Fingerprints are by far the…

Most Violated School Policies

“The formation of character is one of the most important features of the educational system at the University of Baguio. For this reason, the imposed discipline, while observant to the rights and feelings of others, is firm, especially when the reputation of the student body and institution is at stake. Students are expected to manifest…

Automated Classroom Monitoring System

Every academic institution aims outstanding scholastic performance of each and every student enrolled. Not only the schools but also the parents of these students hope to see their sons and daughters to excel in school with flying colors. In order to achieve so, students must attend their classes regularly so that they will be given…

Biometric Fingerprint Scan with Payroll System

The proposed topic “Biometric Fingerprint Scan Log In/Log Out with Payroll System for FH Commercial Inc.” will be created using Code Gear Delphi2010 and Seagate Crystal Report. The Payroll System will be connected with the Biometric Fingerprint Scanner. The scanner, aside from providing accurate and efficient monitoring of the employees’ time and attendance, will also…

Monitoring System Using Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Swipe card technology is the process plastic embedding of encoded data into card with a magnetic strip that is read by passing the card through a usually slotted electronic device. Personal recognition and identification are special function to this kind of technology. With the use of this, the instances of getting human incorrect identification will…


Technology has highly developed to the point where computer systems can trace a wide range of physical characteristics. I will first begin by stating what biometrics is and we will have an overview of the history of biometrics and how biometrics did first began. The word biometrics is derived from two Greek words, bios and…

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